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CP(Q&A)s- How Can a CPQ Solution Help Increase Your Sales?

Posted by John Randazzo on 1/18/19 10:26 AM

When working with my clients, they readily understand how the deployment of a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) solution can help them reduce sales errors. After all, we are human, and every one of us have days where we misplace a decimal point or enter in a wrong SKU. Just in writing this little post I have made a few spelling errors (of which I hope I caught all of them before posting). CPQ's ability to help salespeople, order management and the customer with data automation for their entry tasks is easily understood. But one thing that isn't readily apparent is how CPQ can help them win more sales. 

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KBMax Named in Gartner's Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration 2018 Report

Posted by Lauren Habig on 12/20/18 2:05 PM

In the 2018 Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration report that was released yesterday, Gartner explores the types of visual product configurators that are currently available including 2D and 3D visualization, mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality. KBMax was featured throughout the report as a solution that uniquely offers every type of visualization as well as CAD automation. They also provide recommendations for implementing these solutions successfully and the significant benefits that companies have seen by deploying a visual configurator.

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Tuff Shed Rolls Out Our 3D Product Configurator Nationwide

Posted by Lauren Habig on 11/26/18 4:24 PM

Today, Tuff Shed launched our 3D product configurator in their retail locations nationwide. Their customers can now configure a made-to-order shed based on their requirements (the size, the type, the color, etc.) in real-time and receive a quote instantly.

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Just In: New Features Just For You

Posted by Kirk Fretwell on 10/18/18 10:59 AM

In this blog post, we’d like to introduce you to the new UI updates available in KBMax version 3.3.  In future blog posts, we’ll cover the other enhancements: the enhanced Snap programming language and back-end infrastructure, as well as the new features in our 3D scenes.

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Architectural Lighting Works Is Transforming their Business with KBMax

Posted by Lauren Habig on 2/1/18 10:59 AM
We're excited to announce that Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) is transforming their business with our 3D configurator and CAD automation software. ALW manufactures a broad array of architectural lighting - from ambient and accent to archetypal and atypical. They illuminate interior environments with integrity, imagination and innovation while providing incomparable service and support to their customers and their clients. They will now be able to connect with these customers, partners, and employees in an entirely new way.
Inside sales and external reps will use our platform to visually configure architectural lighting fixtures with thousands of options. ALW will also use our seamless integration with Salesforce CPQ to give them a cutting-edge connection between their complex configurations and quote to cash.
“Combining KBMax with Salesforce CPQ gives us a complete solution for sales and engineering,” said Andreas Dankelmann, VP of Operations at ALW. “We evaluated other options and their powerful configurator was the most robust and easy to use. Also, their CAD automation with SolidWorks is very powerful.”
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London Calling: KBMax and Salesforce CPQ

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 12/8/17 10:38 AM

Our team had a brilliant time in London earlier this week presenting at the Salesforce CPQ Quarterly Business Review.  It was an awesome experience to meet with the EMEA team and discuss their evolving market, plus learn about other partners like SpringCM and 4C.  Salesforce knows that this is how strong partnerships are forged.

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Join KBMax Weekly for an In-depth Product Tour

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 10/27/17 3:12 PM
Don't miss the next KBMax Weekly, which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 31st at 12:00pm Central. Enjoy a deep dive into KBMax fully integrated architecture, features and functionality. Most CPQ vendors won’t show their rule language and admin platform until you have sat through several demos. Even then they only give you a small peek into the engine that drives your configurators.  At KBMax we take a different approach. From the start, we display our admin tool and rule language. We have nothing to hide. We are proud of it, our customers love it, and we think you will too.
Simply register following the link and tell us the area or features you are particularly interested in. Our very own Senior Solution Engineers and Senior Architects will be hosting these webinars, which ensures you will get the best value from these sessions. Here are some of the topics we will be covering:
  • An intro of KBMax, core features and functionality
  • The value of visual CPQ
  • Our clean visual CPQ architecture and integrations
  • KBMax - What is under the hood
  • The Snap rules & workflow engine
  • Complex configuration capabilities
  • 3D visualization engine
  • Principles of CAD automation
  • How to build a configurator
  • Q&A
We will show you how.
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Meet with High Performer - KBMax, at Dreamforce '17

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 10/24/17 4:20 PM
G2 Crowd the peer-to-peer business solutions review platform just released its latest CPQ software report highlighting the best Configure, Price, Quote products for business professionals. KBMax 3D CPQ has been named a High Performer based on receiving a high customer Satisfaction score. 97% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 93% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend KBMax 3D CPQ at a rate of 88%. See for yourself why KBMax has been consistently rated as a High Performer at Dreamforce '17, booths #1918 and #1916.
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G2 Crowd  here
Customer focus is one of our highest priorities, helping them to become more successful without any compromises.  In fact, we were able to win customers from our competitors due to poor customer experience and their inability to follow through on the commitments made. Because of our intense focus on customers by listening to what they have to say, we are outpacing our competitors who do not. The ratings in this report are based on actual user reviews collected by G2 Crowd as of Fall 2017. We achieved above average scores in almost all of the satisfaction ratings category.
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Experience Omnichannel Convergence at DF17 - CPQ Meets E-Commerce

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 10/12/17 5:29 PM
KBMax omnichannel CPQ enables a powerful use case - allowing companies to sell via their internal sales teams, channel partners and E-Commerce on the same platform. Companies can enable new sales channels by integrating KBMax with Salesforce CPQ and CRM, plus into their external websites. Transform your business with the latest 3D visualization technology for sales and marketing.
NOVEMBER 6-9, 2017 BOOTH #1918
See the Future of Omnichannel CPQ at Booth #1918
Stop by to explore how we can help improve direct sales, dealer/distributor and the customer experience based on a real customer scenario. See how 3D is fueling the convergence between CPQ & E-Commerce as companies expand their sales channels online. Our innovative Snap rule language and 3D visualization are blue ocean technology that competitors cannot match. Ask one of our team members to demo the end user/admin experience, system architecture, and seamless integration with the Salesforce platform.
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KBMax is Sponsoring Dreamforce '17

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 10/6/17 1:29 PM
KBMax is ready for prime time at Dreamforce 2017. Attendees will get a close up of our best in class complex configurator, 3D visualization, and CAD automation for Salesforce CPQ. We are transforming the user experience and helping manufacturers sell more faster on the Salesforce platform. Join us at booth #1918 and our partner theater presentation to learn more.
See the Future of CPQ & E-Commerce at Booth #1918
Stop by to explore the advanced functionality that our complex configurator and 3D visualization provides. Our innovative Snap rule language and 3D visualization are blue ocean technology that competitors cannot match. See how 3D is fueling a convergence between CPQ & E-Commerce as companies expand their sales channels online. Our elite team will be there to demo the end user/admin experience, system architecture, and seamless integration with the Salesforce platform.
KBMax @ the Partner Theater
See how the KBMax 3D configurator and Salesforce CPQ transform the user experience at our presentation. Within three to five years virtually all online commerce for product companies will include a 3D component. Learn from our CTO Kevin Bennett and Sales Engineer AJ Jones how KBMax can do that today on the Salesforce platform. We will present how customers use our best in class 3D configurator with Salesforce’s powerful Quote-to-Cash functionality. Learn how KBMax delivers a visual omnichannel buying experience for internal users, dealers & distributors, and E-Commerce customers. The future of digital commerce has arrived, allowing you to sell more, sell faster with KBMax and Salesforce.
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