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Kirk Fretwell is our Solution Architect at KBMax and helps our customers with training and learning the power of our platform.

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NEW FEATURES: Taking Things to the Third Dimension

Posted by Kirk Fretwell on 1/31/19 1:15 PM

Welcome to the third and final article about our newly-released features. Our previous entries described our enhanced UI that your users will love and improvements to our rules engine that make your administrators happy.  This third entry pops into the third dimension: we’ll talk about the 3D scene, and how it’s even more powerful than before.

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Improvements To Our Admin Experience Have Arrived!

Posted by Kirk Fretwell on 11/14/18 2:01 PM

Welcome to the second article about our new features that we just released. Last time we detailed the UI enhancements that we rolled out and this installment will focus on the improvements that we made to our back-end rules engine called Snap.

Here are a few of our favorite under-the-hood programming updates that will make your Snap code even more scalable and easier to maintain.

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Just In: New Features Just For You

Posted by Kirk Fretwell on 10/18/18 10:59 AM

In this blog post, we’d like to introduce you to the new UI updates available in KBMax version 3.3.  In future blog posts, we’ll cover the other enhancements: the enhanced Snap programming language and back-end infrastructure, as well as the new features in our 3D scenes.

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