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Configurators, Golf Carts – and Bowling?

Posted by John Randazzo on 5/15/19 10:30 AM

Earlier this month, KBMax kicked off a series of Hands-On Workshops with our first stops in Chicago and Minneapolis.  The premise of the events was simple – give our prospective customers of all skill levels and roles who had seen KBMax in action through demonstrations and presentations, a chance to come in and work with our tool firsthand. 

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CP(Q&A)s- How Can a CPQ Solution Help Increase Your Sales?

Posted by John Randazzo on 1/18/19 10:26 AM

When working with my clients, they readily understand how the deployment of a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) solution can help them reduce sales errors. After all, we are human, and every one of us have days where we misplace a decimal point or enter in a wrong SKU. Just in writing this little post I have made a few spelling errors (of which I hope I caught all of them before posting). CPQ's ability to help salespeople, order management and the customer with data automation for their entry tasks is easily understood. But one thing that isn't readily apparent is how CPQ can help them win more sales. 

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