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Why Manufacturing Companies need a CPQ Solution?

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 11/3/16 3:09 PM
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For all the right reasons manufacturing companies do understand the need for a CPQ solution. I thought to share a few take-aways from recent discussions focusing on how we helped customers to increase customer responsiveness while becoming more efficient.
Providing accurate quotes to your customers, instantly. Today, your existing and potentially new customers expect a quote almost immediately. To increase your chances that your offer will be selected be sure your customer receives your quote before your competitors’. In order to do so, you have to analyze the inefficiencies of your quoting process and streamline it as much as possible. Whether it is the pricing and discounts calculation, meeting specific customer requirements, the coordination between your sales, product and manufacturing teams or the approval process, our enterprise grade CPQ solution can help automate the entire configuration and quoting process for even the most complex products. We provide all product information, pricing and configuration rules within our CPQ system, needed for your sales team to generate accurate customer quotes, quickly. And, if for example pricing discounts need to be approved or an entire quote needs to be reviewed workflow and approval processes can be implemented.
Your first impression is important. A proposal document, whether it is for simple or highly complex products needs to impress your customers. Its design needs to be attractive and supported by quality images, the information provided is comprehensive and easy to understand, and your values clearly articulated so a buying decision can be made quickly. Ensure you take the time needed for designing an attractive template, initially, but also fine tune it over time. With our proposal generator your sales team can generate high-quality proposal documents, automatically. Based on your existing Word, Excel or PDF templates, they have complete control over the look including branding, logos, and product images, and the ability to add any configured data such as pricing, terms and conditions or shipping.
Get your sales team trained and enabled, quickly. Manufacturing companies sell highly complex products, and your sales team needs to be enabled to independently create accurate quotes, quickly. It can take many months until a new sales rep, even with great product knowledge, is able to accurately create valid quotes. With KBMax you can ensure that your sales team has the most current product information and configurations available at all times. Our intuitive 3D user interface allows to configure products, quickly and reduces the time spent during the quoting process. And, since all product information is stored in one place your sales team has easy access and can stay up-to-date on the latest, which is conducive to continuous learning.
Reduce the time spent preparing quotes. Minimizing the time spent on internal tasks frees up time, which can be dedicated to the most important task: spending time with customers. Creating quotes, manually requires the same repetitive tasks, and answering the same questions over and over. When using an Excel based pricing tool, for example chances are high that it may not reflect the latest updates. With KBMax your sales team has all the information they need for generating quotes at their fingertips. Our Snap rule engine lets you define the rules and pricing configuration and completely eliminates the need of complex Excel based calculations. Our workflow and approval engine automates and simplifies internal process.

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