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Experience Omnichannel Convergence at DF17 - CPQ meets E-Commerce

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 10/12/17 5:29 PM
KBMax omnichannel CPQ enables a powerful use case - allowing companies to sell via their internal sales teams, channel partners and E-Commerce on the same platform. Companies can enable new sales channels by integrating KBMax with Salesforce CPQ and CRM, plus into their external websites. Transform your business with the latest 3D visualization technology for sales and marketing.
NOVEMBER 6-9, 2017 BOOTH #1918
See the Future of Omnichannel CPQ at Booth #1918
Stop by to explore how we can help improve direct sales, dealer/distributor and the customer experience based on a real customer scenario. See how 3D is fueling the convergence between CPQ & E-Commerce as companies expand their sales channels online. Our innovative Snap rule language and 3D visualization are blue ocean technology that competitors cannot match. Ask one of our team members to demo the end user/admin experience, system architecture, and seamless integration with the Salesforce platform.
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KBMax is Sponsoring Dreamforce '17

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 10/6/17 1:29 PM
KBMax is ready for prime time at Dreamforce 2017. Attendees will get a close up of our best in class complex configurator, 3D visualization, and CAD automation for Salesforce CPQ. We are transforming the user experience and helping manufacturers sell more faster on the Salesforce platform. Join us at booth #1918 and our partner theater presentation to learn more.
See the Future of CPQ & E-Commerce at Booth #1918
Stop by to explore the advanced functionality that our complex configurator and 3D visualization provides. Our innovative Snap rule language and 3D visualization are blue ocean technology that competitors cannot match. See how 3D is fueling a convergence between CPQ & E-Commerce as companies expand their sales channels online. Our elite team will be there to demo the end user/admin experience, system architecture, and seamless integration with the Salesforce platform.
KBMax @ the Partner Theater
See how the KBMax 3D configurator and Salesforce CPQ transform the user experience at our presentation. Within three to five years virtually all online commerce for product companies will include a 3D component. Learn from our CTO Kevin Bennett and Sales Engineer AJ Jones how KBMax can do that today on the Salesforce platform. We will present how customers use our best in class 3D configurator with Salesforce’s powerful Quote-to-Cash functionality. Learn how KBMax delivers a visual omnichannel buying experience for internal users, dealers & distributors, and E-Commerce customers. The future of digital commerce has arrived, allowing you to sell more, sell faster with KBMax and Salesforce.
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KBMax is Launching KBMax Weekly

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 9/26/17 8:14 AM
We are launching our weekly webinar series called KBMax Weekly on Tuesday, October 3rd at 12:00pm Central. Based on the high interest levels in our technology from the industries, customers and partners, as well as the large number of requests for a deep dive into KBMax fully integrated architecture, features and functionality we are very excited to set it up, weekly.
Simply register following the link and tell us the area or features you are particularly interested in. Our very own Senior Solution Engineers and Senior Architects will be hosting these webinars, which ensures you will get the best value from these sessions. Here are some of the topics we will be covering:
  • An intro of KBMax, core features and functionality
  • The value of visual CPQ
  • Our clean visual CPQ architecture and integrations
  • KBMax - What is under the hood
  • The Snap rules & workflow engine
  • Complex configuration capabilities
  • 3D visualization engine
  • Principles of CAD automation
  • How to build a configurator
  • Q&A
We will show you how.
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KBMax Omnichannel CPQ - Selling via Internal and External Channels

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 9/21/17 11:23 AM
For the last two years, one of KBMax areas of focus is customer experience converging what is happening in CPQ with what is happening in E-Commerce. Traditionally, CPQ is an internal tool for sales teams and very rarely opened up to customers. 
The use case for CPQ on external websites for dealers and distributors, and integrated with E-Commerce platforms is popping up more and more, and we made significant investments to target that market. We now offer a very slick user experience, all built-in and integrated, while our user interface does not require any re-designs for the different devices, browsers and operating systems. We have an embed API, which allows it to easily integrate into websites and still get the benefits of CPQ.
“This is a very exciting use case for us. Integrating CPQ with external websites is very differentiating for KBMax customers," said Kris Goldhair, Senior Sales Executive at KBMax
Today, our clients start using KBMax CPQ directly, building a marketing and sales tool, and creating a whole new sales channel by integrating it into the external websites, which is highly transformative for these companies.
A visitor, for instance, submits and creates a lead, which is passed into the CRM system along with all the information the user has selected. This lead is waiting right there and can be exploited through our integration in the same way as an internal sales person would have done in a traditional CPQ use case. However, in this case it actually was the customer who did it himself. This is a  very powerful use case and available with KBMax, today.
Many configurators on the market are not appropriate or designed to be put on external websites. They may be very powerful tools but seriously lacking the user experience. That is why KBMax heavily invested into it, especially with the 3D visualization that go along with it.
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Novus CPQ Podcast Series - Interview with Kevin Bennett, CTO KBMax

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 9/6/17 7:49 PM
Frank Sohn at Novus CPQ Consulting recently kicked off a podcast series solely focused on the CPQ space. He just released the interview with our very own Kevin Bennett, CTO and Co-Founder of KBMax.
Kevin talks about features and functionality, partnerships, omnichannel experience, user experience and best practices. Additionally, he touches on the exciting future of AR/VR. Enjoy listening!
“One of the flashiest things in KBMax is that 3D visualization. But there is a lot more KBMax has to offer. It always has been a full CPQ tool and in fact, our sweet spot are complex manufacturing companies."  
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Novus CPQ Podcast Series - Oracle confirms KBMax' Value Add for CPQ Cloud

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 8/25/17 5:42 PM
Frank Sohn at Novus CPQ Consulting just kicked off a podcast series solely focused on the CPQ space. His most recent interview was with Oracle's Vinesh Vis, AVP Sales, North America for CPQ Cloud. 
As a highly regarded and experienced professional Vinesh shares his excitement and insights about the CPQ market, the tremendous value a CPQ solution can offer, and the vision, which comes from CPQ. Further, he shares the future of CPQ and speaks about the convergence of the two: CPQ and E-Commerce, which our customers are starting to expereience, today.
“Visualization is not just about CAD, which was the initial way people thought about this innovation. It is also about 3D rendering, which we have a fantastic partner here with KBMax...” VINESH VIS, AVP SALES, CPQ CLOUD 
Also, stay tuned for the upcoming podcast with our CTO Kevin Bennett, which will be available in early September.
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KBMax Team visited the Chicago Salesforce Office

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 8/18/17 2:35 PM
We had a great time meeting with the Salesforce CPQ sales team in Chicago. Many thanks to their management team and Seamus Eagan who helped us coordinating the meetings and logistics, and  setting up the agenda with us to ensure the SE and AE teams are getting the "most out of it" such as  understanding the value and the feature set KBMax provides.
Our Salesforce partnership have come a long way. We first demonstrated our Salesforce integration during last year's Dreamforce '16 and received great reviews since then. Over the last six months, we worked very hard to formalize our partnership and integration with Salesforce CPQ. We achieved ISV status in mid March and have our Salesforce CPQ integration package listed on the AppExchange since July this year.
Thus, the timing to meet with the Salesforce CPQ team was ideal. As we are already engaged in some accounts supplementing Salesforce CPQ with complex configuration capabilities, 3D visualization and CAD automation, we identified a number of short and long term oppotunities, and markets we can capitalize upon.
“KBMax 3D and Snap are the two sexiest technologies at Dreamforce in years.” GODARD ABEL, SVP SALESFORCE
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The Benefits of KBMax 3D CPQ

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 8/4/17 3:10 PM
Early adopters of 3D technology in manufacturing, fashion or furniture just to name a few,  have gained great experience and now realize the competitive advantage of 3D visualization. 3D has matured in the last few years with greatly improved performance, user experience and simulation of materials.
Today, 3D solutions are now deliver significant value for companies, enabling them to reduce cycle times and ultimately create more value from innovation. However, these benefits only matter if they are translated into long lasting business results.
KBMax can be integrated with any CRM system like Salesforce, Oracle or MS Dynamics, PLUS it can be embedded into any external web site giving customers, dealers and distributors access to the product configurator.
With the additional dimension, 3D product configurators provides users with enhanced interaction with their customized products, which in return translates into major benefits for your business:
  • Leveraging existing 3D models. If 3D models of products already exist, or a design team is in place to create them, a 3D product configurator is a natural fit.
  • Getting a product configurator set up is very simple within KBMax due to our clean, integrated software and our fully integrated admin panel.
  • The three dimensional model allows the user to view their product from all angles, ensuring the product meets requirements, shape and size. 
  • A 3D product configurator brings products to life and impresses customers with beautiful and accurate renderings and eliminates any apprehension they may have.
  • And finally, its sets you apart from the competition. While product configurators are becoming mainstream, 3D visualization is not as common and very view CPQ vendors have the out-of-the-box technology offering a great competitive advantage.
KBMax offers the fastest 3D Visualization technology, today.
Use 3D visuals to guide the configuration process where dynamic updates to sizes, colors, components and features give a real time product tour. Users visually configure products in 3D and share interactive links and images with their customers for increased conversion rates. The mobile responsive design supports all devices. Today, 3D is a tremendous competitive advantage to help products stand out and sell more, faster.
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Selecting the Right CPQ Configurator Vendor

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 6/17/15 11:53 AM

There is a big increase in the number of CPQ & Product Configurator vendors lately.  A current google search will turn up dozens of results, when there might have been a dozen not long ago. 


The natural tendency is to commoditize this growing field to make “apples to apples” comparisons. Issues arise because of major differences in vendor functionality, architecture, pricing, and services.   Buyers get fatigue compiling vendor checklists and are faced with an “apples to oranges” decision.


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High Tech Challenges for CPQ: Key Takeaways From Aberdeen Research

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 6/15/15 1:51 PM

Aberdeen recently published a great free report outlining how High Tech companies and CPQ.  High Tech can present unique challenges for CPQ due to increasing product complexity and interdepartmental silos that contain separate tribal knowledge.  Mass customization is growing and consequently product complexity is skyrocketing.  Both manual methods and many CPQ & configurator software can't keep up.  Many companies are painted into a corner with outdated processes that limit product offerings, and quote cycle time & bandwidth.   Expect this trend to continue as seen below:

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