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The Virtual Reality Revolution is Coming Soon

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 2/1/17 2:15 PM
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Following our post from last week, I looked into the market developments of Virtual Reality in the retail sector. The bottom line is that retailers will need to act now and start investing. VR and AR have the potential of completely revolutionizing the retail sector. Bridging the imagination gap is vital for businesses, particularly as more customers move online. Retailers should embrace this technology as more consumers will come to expect it.
"Nearly a third of shoppers now find the idea of using virtual reality for retail appealing"
The tech savvy generation has high expectations and retailers need to inspire shoppers both in-store and online by providing all necessary product information to increase sales conversion. Virtual Reality will play an important role while awareness is increasing and popular headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR are becoming more mainstream amongst shoppers.
Research suggests that nearly a third of shoppers now find the idea of using Virtual Reality for retail appealing and this interest rises to almost 50% amongst 18-24-year-old with over half of respondents think VR will be common in people’s homes within a decade.
VR_Panasonic_3D_720x440.pngImage is courtesy of Panasonic, one of the most brilliant ads I think
At KBMax, we not only offer a robust, cloud-based, enterprise grade CPQ solutions for complex products, but also have the deep experience and the bleeding edge technology for 3D visualization. We guide our customers through the transformation starting from 2D to 3D, which will then be the foundation for VR and AR adoption in the future.
We are heavily investing in marketing our 3D visualization for E-Commerce and have for instance a full functioning integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), where customers can enjoy an increased buying experience by interacting with configurable 3D product models, today.
Additionally, as VR support is also available, today along with the ability to connect to all major VR devices, customers will soon be able to sit at home watching a TV show or movie and seeing something they like, for example a pretty dress, a pair of shoes, or furnitures, they can simply order them by clicking on the item to be delivered to them...

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