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We're a High Performer in G2 Crowd’s Spring 2018 CPQ Report!

Posted by Lauren Habig on 4/17/18 10:54 AM

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, just released their Spring 2018 CPQ Grid Report highlighting the highest rated CPQ software. We're proud to announce that we were named a High Performer once again and included in the top 4 for both Enterprise and Mid-Market customers.

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Our Key Learnings from Salesforce World Tour Boston

Posted by Lauren Habig on 4/12/18 4:13 PM

As an ISV partner who provides 3D visualization and a powerful configurator, we were proud to sponsor last week’s Salesforce World Tour in Boston. Overall, the event was a great way to hear directly from manufacturers, industry experts and other partners helping this industry grow.  After a week of reflecting on our experience, we wanted to share our key learnings and how they can help manufacturing (a main focus at the show).

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3 Ways To Connect with Us at This Week's Salesforce World Tour Boston

Posted by Lauren Habig on 4/3/18 3:14 PM

Are you attending the Salesforce World Tour Boston stop this Thursday, April 5th? We’ll be joining 5,000 other Salesforce partners, customers, trailblazers and others who want to learn about the powerful Salesforce platform. We’re a Gold Sponsor at this year’s event so look for our booth in the Customer Success Expo where you can meet with our team and test drive our innovative products.

Here are the top ways to connect with us...

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. An Interactive Experience is Worth 600,000.

Posted by Kevin Jackson on 3/15/18 1:17 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words. An interactive 3D product configuration communicates information to the human brain at a rate of 60 pictures per second. Let's put it this way, in the 10 seconds it took you to read the previous sentence your brain would have processed the equivalent of 600,000 words of information in an interactive 3D experience.

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Our Configurator Goes Beyond Bundling

Posted by Lauren Habig on 3/6/18 1:37 PM

KBMax Snap is our proprietary rules engine that is unlike anything else offered in the CPQ space. It’s unique because it can handle your most complex product and business rules in an easy-to-use interface.

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Our Top 3 Takeaways from SolidWorks World 2018

Posted by Crystal Yazvac on 2/26/18 9:41 AM

We were able to attend SolidWorks World earlier this month. There were so many product announcements, customer use cases and new technology demonstrations that we wanted to highlight our favorite takeaways. Here are our team's top 3 from the event...

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Architectural Lighting Works Is Transforming their Business with KBMax

Posted by Lauren Habig on 2/1/18 10:59 AM
We're excited to announce that Architectural Lighting Works (ALW) is transforming their business with our 3D configurator and CAD automation software. ALW manufactures a broad array of architectural lighting - from ambient and accent to archetypal and atypical. They illuminate interior environments with integrity, imagination and innovation while providing incomparable service and support to their customers and their clients. They will now be able to connect with these customers, partners, and employees in an entirely new way.
Inside sales and external reps will use our platform to visually configure architectural lighting fixtures with thousands of options. ALW will also use our seamless integration with Salesforce CPQ to give them a cutting-edge connection between their complex configurations and quote to cash.
“Combining KBMax with Salesforce CPQ gives us a complete solution for sales and engineering,” said Andreas Dankelmann, VP of Operations at ALW. “We evaluated other options and their powerful configurator was the most robust and easy to use. Also, their CAD automation with SolidWorks is very powerful.”
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KBMax was Named to G2Crowd’s Top CPQ Software List!

Posted by Lauren Habig on 1/23/18 9:06 AM
G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, released the Highest Rated CPQ Software list to help businesses with their Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology buying decisions. We're excited to announce that we were named in the top 3 for both Enterprise and Mid-Market customers based on user satisfaction.
"Easy to setup the configurations ourselves; great to be able to tweak our system without having to call support."
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The Top 3 Takeaways from NRF 2018

Posted by Lauren Habig on 1/18/18 9:05 AM
1.  The customer should always be #1.

The main sentiment heard in our conversations with other show attendees and in presentations from the leaders in the space is that the only reason they are still around is because of their customer. There is a need to focus on delivering them the value and experiences that they desire. This notion of B2B2C is becoming mainstream because no matter who you’re selling to, there’s always a customer at the end of the process.

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Our 3 Main Takeaways from Salesforce World Tour NYC

Posted by Lauren Habig on 12/19/17 3:10 PM

Last week we joined 9,000 Salesforce customers, partners and prospects at the NYC stop of the World Tour. It was our first World Tour event so we wanted to capture our 3 key takeaways as a newcomer and as a Salesforce ISV partner.

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