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KBMax Omnichannel CPQ - Selling via Internal and External Channels

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 9/21/17 11:23 AM
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For the last two years, one of KBMax areas of focus is customer experience converging what is happening in CPQ with what is happening in E-Commerce. Traditionally, CPQ is an internal tool for sales teams and very rarely opened up to customers. 
The use case for CPQ on external websites for dealers and distributors, and integrated with E-Commerce platforms is popping up more and more, and we made significant investments to target that market. We now offer a very slick user experience, all built-in and integrated, while our user interface does not require any re-designs for the different devices, browsers and operating systems. We have an embed API, which allows it to easily integrate into websites and still get the benefits of CPQ.
“This is a very exciting use case for us. Integrating CPQ with external websites is very differentiating for KBMax customers," said Kris Goldhair, Senior Sales Executive at KBMax
Today, our clients start using KBMax CPQ directly, building a marketing and sales tool, and creating a whole new sales channel by integrating it into the external websites, which is highly transformative for these companies.
A visitor, for instance, submits and creates a lead, which is passed into the CRM system along with all the information the user has selected. This lead is waiting right there and can be exploited through our integration in the same way as an internal sales person would have done in a traditional CPQ use case. However, in this case it actually was the customer who did it himself. This is a very powerful use case and available with KBMax, today.
Many configurators on the market are not appropriate or designed to be put on external websites. They may be very powerful tools but seriously lacking the user experience. That is why KBMax heavily invested into it, especially with the 3D visualization that go along with it.
Improve DIRECT SALES experience
KBMax offers seamless integration with all major CRM systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, MS Dynamics. It makes it easier for internal sales teams to configure and sell complex products, eliminate configuration errors, generate accurate quotes and close more deals faster.
Improve DEALER/DISTRIBUTOR experience.
Our omnichannel CPQ solution provides our clients’ dealers and distributors with the same automated configuration and selling processes as with their internal sales teams.
Improve CUSTOMER experience.
Our omnichannel CPQ solution seamlessly integrates with our clients’ E-Commerce sites. End-users can browse an entire product catalog, interactively configure products in 3D and make purchases without requiring direct sales assistance.

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