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Kevin Jackson joins KBMax as VP Sales

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 7/13/17 8:25 AM
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Kevin has been a management consultant and sales professional for over 20 years. He began building Bill of Material systems as a consultant for Caterpillar in 1996 and first started working with CAD driven Product Configuration in 2001.
Before joining KBMax he has been at PTC for the last 14 years helping customers transform how they create, operate, and service products. He is most passionate about our customers and firmly believes that making others successful is the best path to personal and professional success.
Kevin enjoys solving business challenges the way some people enjoy crossword puzzles. Only a few things are more complicated than helping companies transform their business and he is enjoying the challenge. For a sales executive he is fairly adept on both the technical and business side of things. He can grasp the business, technical and people sides of a problem and solve it. It is not just about selling software, rather selling a solution. It may take a while, but he is also surprisingly good at finding solutions to problems that others were unable to solve.
His biggest accomplishments thus far are 1) convincing his father-in-law he was good enough for his daughter, 2) closing the worlds largest IoT software sale transaction and 3) transforming PTC's corporate relationship with Fortune 500 companies like Caterpillar and GE.
Kevin has a B.A. in Political Science and a Master of Public Policy Administration degree, neither of which have much to do with his home taught programming experience that led me into the big 5 consulting or product development firms. When he is not solving problems for customers he enjoys snowmobiling, fishing, or hiking the Northwoods of Wisconsin with his wife and two kids. Favorite book: "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. Favorite band: Any band that doesn't play rap music. Favorite movie: Stripes.

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