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KBMax Released its Performance Upgrade for Mobile Devices

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 6/15/17 5:00 PM
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KBMax announces an upgrade to its already fast, responsive UI, which works on any device or browser, offering an entirely new layout optimized for mobile devices. Its 3D CPQ visualization has been vastly optimized for the performance on mobile devices, which feels like a native app.
This new upgrade is especially designed keeping handhelds and other mobile devices in mind, and is naturally capable of enhancing the general user experience. Keeping the audience engaged at all times ensures that our clients further attract their audience towards their business, which substantially increases the probability of becoming loyal customers.
Further, it helps our clients to build credibility with their customers and influencers in their industry. Whether selling B2B or B2C products, with a mobile-friendly layout, anyone who tries to visit the site on a mobile device will have a proper experience, and will be encourage to see you as a credible resource for information, products and services.
Websites that are not mobile-friendly are quickly becoming defunct within our fast-evolving digital landscape. As time goes by, more and more sites will emerge that are mobile-friendly, pushing those that are not meeting expectations farther away from customers.
Some of the main reasons why KBMax' mobile-friendly design benefits our clients:
Businesses will be modern and relevant. Customers might offer some of the most useful, valuable, and unique products or services on the market. Mobile-friendly designs are contemporary, cutting-edge and legit.
Look great and function well on any device. Why take chances when it comes to mobile optimization? With our design it will render to look and function well, regardless of the product complexity.
It benefits your reputation, not just online, but offline as well. The audience will take note of the design they have a great experience with. Reputation is everything, and successful businesses cannot afford to give people a dismal experience.
Make your customers much happier. When potential customers access your site to find information, or look for something you sell, you want the experience to be nothing short of great. Because many people use mobile devices to access the web, only a mobile-friendly design can promise to offer that experience. Happy customers will return to your site and tell others about how great it is.
Competition exists everywhere. Customers need to stand out on the web to impress their visitors. User choose optimized and user friendly designs, which helps them to get proper information in order to meet their needs, requirements and expectations. KBMax has the technology!

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