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KBMax Offsite 2013 - Defining the Core of CPQ & Configurator

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 12/12/13 5:10 PM
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The  KBMax team met up for three days of meetings in November on the cliffs of  Dillon Beach, California.   The weather was chilly but the discussions were brisk.  We were excited to examine our strong growth in customers, headcount, and overall revenues in 2013.  However, the bulk of the time was spent on defining our core as we look towards the future. (and eating some exceptional Parmigiano-Reggiano our Italian colleagues brought)


New features and strategies were planned but we recommitted ourselves to our original vision:  to improve engineering and sales processes for manufacturers worldwide.  Functionality is expanding but we should always focus on giving customers both the software & services that solve their unique issues.  Our core values of accountability, communication, continuous learning, and customer empathy are crucial to get the job done right.

Our four year old company has given over twenty customers and thousands of total users solutions that speed the up the design/quote process and increase throughput.  We are passionate about configurators and look forward to helping more companies automate engineering and accelerate sales for years to come.

Topics: Configurator, product configurator, CPQ