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KBMax Configurators Start with Workflow Optimization

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 9/5/12 4:14 PM
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Customers want a clear picture of implementation timelines and costs.  Many configurator companies quote projects knowing hardly anything about the manufacturing environment. This often results in pricing and project schedules that are just plain wrong and customers who get poor value for their configurator investment.

KBMax does things differently (and we think much smarter) by coming onsite for a 1-2 day visit we call a WFO (Workflow Optimization). We bring a team with sales, implementation, and programming that will work on your project throughout.  We learn your current workflow and bottlenecks from from your engineers, IT, sales, product managers and more.  We discuss the most efficient way to set up a configurator within your architecture (which can involve integrations with CRM, ERP, PDM etc.)  We also determine outputs, user interfaces, and plenty more while there.


wfo.pngAll this information is built into a KBMax proposal that defines the optimized workflow, statement of work, project management, software & services costs, and project timelines.  We can also give you preliminary time savings and ROI estimates.  We stand behind the numbers in this document 100% so our customers will have no costly surprises during the project.

KBMax takes pride in providing not just software but services that solve unique customer problems.  The WFO and proposal starts the configurator implementation on a solid foundation for costs, timing, and scope.  Most importantly it makes our customers knowledgeable and satisfied with their configurator investment.

To learn more about scheduling a WFO, please contact sales@kbmax.com.





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