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KBMax Configurator hits 10,000 SolidWorks Cloud Builds

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 5/23/12 3:06 PM
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Get out your party hats.  We are proud to announce that KBMax cloud users have now automated over 10,000 SolidWorks builds.  This milestone is even more impressive since the cloud platform has only been available since September 2011.  Our customers are rapidly reducing their design/quote processes with online access to product configurators that can quickly generate drawings and models.

Companies like EMD Millipore and Everbrite let their sales teams access their product configurators in the KBMax Live cloud and select options to customize their products.  The requests are passed to KBMax output builder stations where KBMax quickly generates SolidWorks drawings and models for their custom products.  These models and drawings can be sent back to the cloud or routed internally to PDM systems or to other engineers for approval.

 We know this is only the beginning for KBMax in the cloud.  As more customers see the cost and bandwidth benefits of a configurator in the cloud, the sky is the limit.  (Pun absolutely intended!!!)

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