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KBMax Configurator Debuts at SolidWorks World

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 2/20/09 12:51 PM
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KBMax introduced itself to the SolidWorks community at this years show in Orlando.   We did not get to Disneyworld, but our booth served up its own magic.

Our sales team ran countless demos of  our soon to be released  configurator software   By combining the benefits of sales configurator software  with Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE), KBMax offers end users a breakthough in design automation software that connects to production and sales processes.

Prospective  customers in a wide array of the manufacturing  industry were impressed with the efficency and  flexibility of KBMax.  Upon  release later this year,  KBMax expects to be an industry leader in  Knowledge Based Engineering and configurator software.




Topics: Configurator, SolidWorks, CAD Automation