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KBMax @ Business of Software Conference

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 10/30/12 4:25 PM
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We digested some amazing talks, workshops, and plenty of clam chowder at the recent Business of Software 2012 in Boston.  The event brings together software entrepreneurs for 2.5 days to listen, discuss, and solve the unique challenges our industry face.  The overriding theme was that  technical and cultural alignment are crucial to having a great company and empowered user base.  It really reinforced our vision for CPQ & configurator.


Noteworthy speeches were given by Kathy Sierra's on building a badass user, Paul Kenny on sales, and Noam Wasserman on the pitfalls of scaling a business.  The guys at BOS have an awesome website where they post videos of those presentations.

The event really confirmed our core values of customer empathy and our focus on consulting services.  Too often software companies focus on features instead of trying to solve the customer's specific problem.  We strive to always put ourselves in the client's shoes to ensure that our product configurator implementations are the right solution.  


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