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KBMax at SOLIDWORKS World '17 Recap

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 2/14/17 5:48 PM
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Last week's SOLIDWORKS World conference was a great success! We had a continous flow of people interested in our product configurator, 3D visualization and to learn how we can help with our out-of-the-box CAD automation solution, which is designed to handle both engineer-to-order and configure-to-order products automating design processes for simple and highly complex products.
KBMax works as a virtual engineer that dynamically generates CAD models and drawings in minutes.
Product companies sell engineer-to-order or configure-to-order products, which take long cycle times to design. KBMax works as a virtual engineer that dynamically generates CAD models and drawings in minutes. Providing integration with the three leading CAD systems, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and PTC Creo we provide the most powerful CAD automation capabilities available on the market, today. Engineering teams can focus on product development and custom requests instead of creating the same CAD models and drawings over and over in order to support sales and manufacturing processes.
Our technical experts - AJ Jones, Kevin Bennett and JoAnna Cagle were running the hands-on workshop for 32 participants, which was completely booked with people waiting in line. Participants were introduced and shown how to use KBMax. They learned how to design a user interface and create rules that will be used to automate SolidWorks products. This is yet another testament about how robust our technology is and how easy it is to learn and navigate. People in the room were impressed how fast they managed to navigate our intuitive admin user interface, applied configuration rules by using our Snap rules engine, produced a configurable product and output it into SolidWorks.
Contact us to learn how we can reduce quote cycle times from hours or weeks down to minutes, reduce engineering touch times by more than 50% and in summary increase quote throughputs up to 5 times, while increasing project quality and margin by eliminating errors and repetitive tasks. Sales teams benefit from CAD automation by reducing response times for new and changing customer requests, resulting in higher sales throughput and customer satisfaction.

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