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KBMax' Annual Offsite Meeting 2017 - San Luis Obispo, California

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 4/5/17 5:49 PM
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Tucked between the Coast Range, the Pacific Ocean and right in the middle of Central Coast Wine Country, San Luis Obispo enjoys all the spoils of a life well lived on the California coast. The KBMax core team gathered for our annual meeting at the Dancing Deer Farm just outside San Luis Obispo to step away from our day-to-day work and to build team spirit. 
We reviewed last year's performance and accomplishments were we did extremely well. It was one of the years, if not the year with the highest growth. We won the trust and built partnerships with some of the global fortune 500 companies further penetrating global markets. And, we are currently working on a few very exciting opportunities, which will close very soon.
"The Visual Configure Price Quote internal POC project is finishing up nicely this week. The KBMax group has done a great job training and assisting our internal resources on programming the experiences. They have also made key enhancements to their software along the way per our requirements, above and beyond our expectations."
We strengthened and formalized our partnerships with Salesforce, Oracle, Solidworks and others. KBMax' technology seamlessly integrates with all of them out-of-the-box, which we proved many times during pilot projects or POCs. Making sure customers get exactly what they have asked for within the committed   time frame proves that we can deliver on our promises, consistently.
We discussed and debated current opportunities and challenges, our competitive landscape, and created strategic plans, which allow us to realize much faster growth than what we initially projected. The strategic technological decisions KBMax made over the last years, puts us years ahead of our competitors.
Following the hard work, we also made sure to spent adequate quality time and engaged in team building activities, which genuinely build a sense of interdependence and collaboration.
KBMax_Team_OffsiteIII_2017_440x720.pngOne of the great experiences was a tour to various vineyards where we scheduled wine tasting appointments. These are highly recommended:
J Dusi Wines: The unique, hand crafted quality of J Dusi Wines results from their intimate involvement in every step of the process: working in the vineyard, driving the tractor, hand picking my own fruit, crushing the grapes and fermenting the juice from the bins to the barrels to the bottle.
Daou Vineyards: Daou set forth across California to find an unrivaled terroir for producing Cabernet Sauvignon, a quest that led them to a place of foretold greatness: DAOU Mountain in the Adelaida District of Paso Robles. Here, their vision is to make California “first growth” wine, fulfilling the district’s destiny as the world’s next benchmark for Bordeaux varieties.
Halter Ranch VineyardThe 100% estate-grown wines are sustainably farmed on westside limestone soils. Tradition and innovation mix at Halter Ranch to produce Bordeaux and Rhône-style wines of the highest quality.
At the end we are sure that the offsite will have a successful and lasting outcome. We all look forward to another very successful year 2017 and wanted to thank all our loyal customers and partners who helped us getting this far.
PS: Cooking a meal together, and then eating it together as a group builds a sense of interdependence and collaboration. We all know, at some primitive level, people that we hunt or gather with, cook with and then eat with become our allies rather than our adversaries... Speaking of which, here is Kris' southern Louisiana shrimp gumbo.

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