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KBMax has been Recognized as High Performer in the CPQ Category

Posted by Thomas Plocher on 12/22/16 11:39 AM
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As we close out the year, reflecting on our accomplishments and successful customer projects, we are very proud of what we achieved this year. Focusing on the customer is one of our highest priorities. We are receiving confirmation that we are “doing the right thing”, while putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and help them to be successful without any compromises. In fact, we were able to win customers from our competitors due to poor customer experience and their inability to follow through on the commitments made.
Research from Accenture found that 68% of customers have switched providers because of bad customer service. Even more than pricing, customers seem to look at overall customer experience when deciding who they will buy from, initially and in the future.
Because of our intense focus on making customers happy by listening to what they have to say, we are outpacing our competitors who do not. The ratings below are based on user reviews collected by G2 Crowd as of Fall 2016, which I think are the greatest compliments a company can get. We achieved above average ratings in almost all of the satisfaction ratings category.
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“They have a great team that will work with you to accomplish your goals. They accept customer feedback, and are efficient at closing the loop, developing the software to fit each customer individually but without losing sight of the overall product. The software itself is a quick study, allowing you to build just about anything you want.”
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“The KBMax team has been one of the best parts of the system. They are always willing to create examples to show another way of thinking. They have also been very willing to review code and offer guidance and solutions as necessary. Any roadblock we have encountered, they are willing to look at and determine if a change to their program is necessary. Overall they have been very receptive and responsive.”
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