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Cloud CPQ & Configurator Advantages

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 4/11/12 2:40 PM
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Unless you've lived under a rock, you've heard all these buzz words lately:  "The Cloud"... "SaaS"... From Microsoft's "To the cloud!" commercials to the Salesforce.com "Chatter" Super Bowl commercial, the Cloud has hit the mainstream media.  Both individual consumers and global international corporations alike can use the cloud to make work and leisure computing easier.  But what exactly is the cloud, and why should your business care?  Yes you should for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) & Configurator applications.



I'll spare you the technical mumbo-jumbo since there are already many well written articles on the on the web (like here at Wikipedia), and get straight to some clear business benefits:

1.  Let somebody else deal with the mess

US companies spend on average more than 16 days a month maintaining on-premise security alone.  When you use cloud software like KBMax, we take care of the mess of constant deployments and data security.

2.  You are actually safer in the cloud

Why do you think people keep money in the bank instead of at home?  They have a better safe. Major cloud providers have defense strategies far beyond anything you could match in your own data center.  KBMax utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud, which sports an impressive security and backup system.

3.  KBMax scales with your business

Need more bandwidth?  Memory?  Database getting too big?  For KBMax, these concerns are solved before you even need to worry about them.  We are constantly monitoring performance on our cloud network and scale immediately to match demand.

4.  It's easy

With 1 mighty click of your mouse, you can deploy a configurator to your sales team worldwide.  Armed with their KBMax configurators, they all become product experts from day 1, able to quote and design custom products correctly, reliably, and in a matter of seconds.


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