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Why CAD Automation Matters During Sales Process

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 6/4/14 11:00 AM
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A recent B2B blog post from highlighted some important trends for industrial manufacturing marketing.  Use of mass customization via product configurators is growing, but many companies use CPQ software without a crucial asset to persuade industrial buyers to take action.  That asset is a sales level CAD drawing or model of the their required configuration.


Automating quotes and proposals emphatically speeds up the sales process and increases hit rates.  However, many complex industrial products can require an approved design before a customer can purchase the custom configuration.  This means days to weeks of customers waiting to get back valid drawings or models.  Those days and weeks can be spent talking to your competitors or deciding against the purchase.

A recent poll of product configurator users was asked about how access to CAD automation influenced the decision making process.  An astounding 77% said they would ultimately purchase the configured product of they downloaded a CAD file. 

Like our KBMax mantra says:  automate engineering, accelerate sales.

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