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KBMax Offsite 2014 - CPQ & Configurators Cajun Style

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 11/5/14 11:22 AM
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The KBMax team recently met in New Orleans for our annual company wide meeting.  This year's themes were team building and customer success.   And of course there was plenty of sampling of local food and drink in the French Quarter.  Our virtual office model works well but we all look forward to spending some time together in person.  It fosters a strong corporate culture for old and new team members alike.  Plus we end up learning more about how to work more effectively together.


We decided to focus on customer success for a few very good reason.  Our staff and CPQ configurator software features are growing rapidly, but we must never lose sight that without successful customers we don't have a business.  Our CPQ SaaS model depends on customers staying happy with us long term.  We can't just rest on past success or new functionality, continually solving their problems and nurturing success is what we do,

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