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KBMax Configurator Visits GreenBuild 2009

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 11/18/09 1:47 PM
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We visited last week's GreenBuild Expo in Phoenix, where an impressive array of green businesses displayed the latest environmentally friendly technology.  Concepts like solar and wind power are fastly becoming prominent industries.  We were particulary impressed by the rainwater harvesting companies.  Their products add immediate practical value for both residential and commercial value, plus there seems to be a good deal of public incentive to conserve water.  As one rainwater salesman told us, "Water will be the oil of the 21st century." 

Many of these industries were receptive to KBMax and how a configurator could boost their businesses.  Rainwater harvesting and solar panel installation require a high degree of customization based on location.  Our KBMax configurator can boost efficiency for these growing industires and make them even greener.


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