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Mass Customization, CPQ, and Configurators

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 9/11/13 5:00 PM
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KBMax recommends Mass Customization by David Gardner for any company interested in implementing a configurator.   The book does a terrific job of explaining why businesses want to empower customers.  The goal being to treat them as insiders that can select from an array of choices to purchase products that match their individualized needs.  While this strategy can provide tremendous competitive advantage, it can wreak havoc on workflows.


The continual message is alignment.  Mass customization must be viewed as an enterprise-wide business strategy, not merely a departmental initiative. Companies with highly-configurable products need to align sales, engineering, and manufacturing around the right solution.  There is tremendous value when that occurs.

This fits well with the KBMax philosophy of doing a deep dive Workflow Optimization Session (WFO) before selecting a configurator.   Companies need a vendor that understands the alignment required to reach that external vision.  We ensure stakeholders from different departments vent  their concerns and understand how the solution can help.   Before you make that configurator investment, you should be certain there is buy in.

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