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Drag & Drop Configurator - Product Visualization Overview

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 5/10/12 3:02 PM
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KBMax users now have the power of drag and drop to build custom products and visualize them online in real time.  We see this functionality like a cross between Visio and KBMax, where users can drag and drop components to configure an assembly.  It's a powerful driver for sales teams in industries like fluid systems where configurations demand a very visual layout.  A salesman can sit with a customer to configure their system with immediate visual feedback.

Here's how the Drag & Drop Configurator works...

1.  Drag Components Onto the Artboard

Users can drag components from the toolbox onto what we call the Artboard.  The toolbox will be full of the kinds of  valid components that are available for the type of item you are configuring.  Note that this item does not have to be a traditional product, it could be a process or schematic.  

Layout Configurator


2.  Connect Components Together


The selected components in our Drag & Drop Configurator are smart.  They know what other components they can connect to and what types they can't via your validation rules.  Components are defined with a series of connection points that define how and where valid connections can be made.  When you drag 2 components that make up a valid connection near each other, they will 'snap' together with a green dot.  If the user tries for a  non-valid connection, KBMax will let you know with a red X.

Layout Configurator Connections

3.  Configure Individual Components

Did we say layout components were smart?  They probably scored higher than you on the SAT's. When you double-click them, a full product configurator for the component opens up, allowing you to uniquely configure each component pulled from the artboard.

Layout Component Configurator

4.  Validation

We like to say a configurator is only as good as its rules.  The Drag & Drop Configurator provides several layers of validation, all editable through the rules system in our administrator platform KBMax Create.  We can tell the salesman quite clearly not to proceed

Layout Configurator Validation


5.  Visualize the Configuration

Seeing is  not just believing, its buying.  Instead of a vague hand sketch of the proposed configuration there is an accurate image on the artboard.  This real time visualization helps customers get exactly what they want the first time.

6.  Quick Quotations

When the user  finishes their configured assembly, they can get a quote or full proposal in minutes. Everything about this is customizable, and KBMax can even show different data depending on the defined role of the user.  Something different can be displayed to an Engineer and a salesman for example.

Layout Configurator Quote

7.  CAD Outputs

The CAD generation for the Drag & Drop Configurator is so powerful.  Multiple layers of dynamically generated models can be placed into a CAD assembly with full mating and positioning.  Drawings can also be automatically generated with advanced capabilities like auto-dimensioning, auto-ballooning, and auto-scaling.  All this happens in a matter of minutes!!!

Layout Configurator Solidworks Drawing            Layout Configurator Solidworks Model

Our Drag & Drop Configurator is off to an impressive start with a premier customer (EMD Millipore) using it to configure single use systems in the Life Science industry.  Feedback from current and prospective customers has been awesome, there are lots of industries where the layout and drag & drop can help customers visualize new configurations.   We will keep you posted on all the cool new applications.

To learn more about the Drag & Drop Configurator or see a guided demo, contact sales@kbmax.com




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