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KBMax CPQ + CAD Lists on Salesforce App Exchange

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 6/25/14 11:05 AM
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Configure Price Quote + CAD Design has made it to the Salesforce store!!!!

Design & quote configured products fast inside Salesforce.com. Generate instant quotes, proposals, CAD models & drawings, BOMs and more. Automate engineering & accelerate sales with a KBMax configurator.

  • Design & visualize your products in real time with our Drag & Drop UI.
  • Quickly get dynamic models & drawings of your configured products in SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, & PTC CREO with our advanced CAD automation.
  • Optimize your design/quote/order workdlow with our enterpise integrations to CAD, CRM, ERP, PDM systems.


Would your hit rates improve if you could instantly show a customer their configuration before ordering? With our Drag & Drop Configurator UI, your sales team can sit with customers and configure complex products online in real time. Like Visio with product intelligence, you can drag & drop components into a visual layout of the configuration.

Do you have engineer to order products? Does it take days or weeks for your engineers to draw CAD models & drawings for those products? These costly bottlenecks are slowing down your sales & manufacturing process. Our CAD automation removes these repetitive manual tasks and instantly generates precise models & drawings. Increase standard product offerings & free up your engineers to focus on higher value activity like one offs, R&D, & innovation.

Do you have disconnected enterprise systems that create departmental silos & delay workflows? Our CPQ solution stores your product rules in a central location that can push & pull from CAD, CRM, ERP, & PDM systems. Results include improved interdepartmental communication & efficiency between sales, engineering, & manufacturing.  

CPQ with CAD automates engineering & accelerates sales. 

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