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Searching for CPQ & Configurators? Try Capterra First

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 5/2/12 2:46 PM
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Searching the web for real information on enterprise software is hard.  There are thousands of whitepapers, blogs, and advertisements promoting CRM, ERP, and even CPQ & product configurator software. There is enough flowery marketing language to make your head spin.We suggest starting your search at Capterra, where you can review qualified vendors in organized directories with actual user reviews. 


Why sort through endless Google results with bad links and irrelevant pages, when you can go to a site that only shows real results which are easily filtered by useful criteria. The user reviews listed there are a terrific tool to measure how companies treat their customers.  You are buying more than enterprise software, you are buying the crucial services that make it successful.  KBMax is proud to have strong feedback from our actual customers on Capterra.  




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