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Homegrown Configurator Horror

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 3/13/13 4:42 PM
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Around half of our customers previously used some kind of in-house configurator before coming to KBMax.  Those solutions range from simple excel macros to multi-year custom development projects. Some provide short term value before becoming unmanageable, while many never reach deployment. Building your own may seem like a faster and cheaper method than going with a configurator vendor, but the horror stories we tell a scarier tale that can cripple your business.


1-"Only one person knew how it worked."

You have no one else who understands how the admin side of the tool works.  Another expensive developer will still need months to learn how this thing works and will probably want to put his own stamp on it.  Configurators should eliminate tribal knowledge, but your company relies on one single person.  

Hiring an experienced configurator company like KBMax eliminates this risk.  Our SaaS offering ensures your configurators work for the long haul or we don't get paid.  We keep you happy with both phone & online support, plus onsite and webinar training.

2-"It couldn't keep up with our products."

 KBMax software & services removes these issues.  Our manufacturing expertise means building product rules and data sources that will accommodate today and tomorrow.  We set up a flexible workflow that can adapt to your evolving IT environment.

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