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Configurator Feature Focus - Awesome Admin Tools

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 7/3/12 3:26 PM
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This post begins our series called Configurator Feature Focus, where we highlight and explain the features that separate KBMax from the competition.  Today's post focuses on tools in our admin platform.  KBMax makes it simple and flexible to define/manage user roles, track/edit configurations, and frame a configurator in your current website.

Define/Manage User Roles

We like to say configurator use cases are like snowflakes, no two are identical.  Your company may want to open access to engineers, distributor networks, internal sales, direct customers, product managers or some combination of all those.  You may want some users to see cost breakdowns or no pricing data at all. 

KBMax makes it simple to define and manage user roles.  A few clicks in our admin platform allow your company to customize user roles to fit the desired user role.

 Define Configurator User Roles

Track/Edit Configurations

Every business wants fast analytics to understand market trends.  KBMax provides a searchable real time listing of all results.  Your company simply sets up search criteria to quickly determine patterns in configurator use.  Who can access this information is completely flexible based on the defined user roles discussed above.

 Track Configurator Results

The customer keeps slightly changing what they want before they order.  We have all been there and it can wreak havoc on engineering and pricing.    With KBMax you can quickly access and modify these prior versions without starting from scratch.  Pricing and design outputs can be updated in minutes.

Edit Configurator Results 

Framing a Configurator in your Website

Branding is more than a buzzword.  You want users to continually see your logos and stay on your website while using the configurator.  KBMax makes it simple to frame our configurators within your current website.  Your marketing department will love us too!!!

 Framing a Configurator


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