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Rodney Hunt Fontaine Selects KBMax Configurator

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 7/24/13 4:56 PM
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We are proud to announce that Rodney Hunt-Fontaine (RHF) has selected KBMax to implement configurators for their engineer to order gates and valves. RHF has pioneered safe and reliable flow control systems throughout the world since 1840.   KBMax will improve the accuracy and speed of the design/quote process for RHF sales and engineering users around the world.


The KBMax platform offered RHF many advantages like  a central knowledge base for sales & engineering, robust CAD automation, and connection to thier ERP and PDM systems.  Additionally the online cloud model will allow for quick deployment of configurators to worldwide users.  

“KBMax offered the most comprehensive configurator solution available.  They worked with us to develop a plan to integrate our existing platforms and automate our complex SolidWorks models.  It's going to speed up the design/quote process and have our team be more efficient.” Erick Breton, Director - Business Development  RHF

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