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Selecting the Right CPQ Configurator Vendor

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 6/17/15 11:53 AM
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There is a big increase in the number of CPQ & Product Configurator vendors lately.  A current google search will turn up dozens of results, when there might have been a dozen not long ago. 


The natural tendency is to commoditize this growing field to make “apples to apples” comparisons. Issues arise because of major differences in vendor functionality, architecture, pricing, and services.   Buyers get fatigue compiling vendor checklists and are faced with an “apples to oranges” decision.



Our advice is to think bigger picture about your CPQ vision.  Work with a vendor that has answers for both the short term and long term solution.  Information-Age recently posted on 7 Tips to Getting CPQ Right that nailed it.  Below is there list with our comments but the post has more great info:

  1. CPQ isn’t an add-on, it’s a disrupter:  You are not just replacing an old method or technology; this is an opportunity to change your entire go to market strategy.

  2. Look beyond sales:  There are major differentiators downstream that equal major benefits (think BOM and/or CAD Automation)

  3. Align the CPQ sales process to the customer experience:   Customers want more data and control over the sales process – CPQ provides that.

  4. Use CPQ to unify sales channels: There is no reason to have disjointed methods for internal sales, dealers, distributors, or direct customers.

  5. Make sure you get buy-in:  CPQ is in change management and needs an effective adoption strategy.

  6. Consider the cloud:  The cloud is fast, cheap, scalable, and safe.  It’s here to stay for enterprise software.

  7. Remember the IT department:  CPQ is a software project that should be consistent with your other enterprise systems.

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