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KBMax is Oracle Gold Partner - Exhibiting CAD Automation & Visualization @ Open World

Posted by Kris Goldhair on 9/29/14 11:09 AM
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KBMax is proud to announce its recent Oracle Gold Partnership and upcoming exhibition at Oracle Open World 2014. KBMax integrates with Oracle Cloud CPQ (formerly Big Machines) to provide CAD Automation, Visual User Interfaces, and more for Engineer to Order manufacturers. Generating dynamic models, drawings, and images, from Oracle will help these companies sell more faster.


Engineer to order products can take days or weeks to manually draw CAD models & drawings. These costly bottlenecks are slowing down your sales & manufacturing process.  KBMax CAD automation removes these repetitive manual tasks and instantly generates precise models & drawings. Increase standard product offerings & free up your engineers to focus on higher value activity like one offs, R&D, & innovation.

Hit rates improve if you show customers their configuration before ordering. The KBMax Drag & Drop Product Configurator allows your sales team or customers to configure complex products online in real time. Like Visio with product intelligence, you can drag & drop components into a visual layout of the configuration.

Disconnected enterprise systems create departmental silos & delay workflows. An end to end CPQ + CAD Automation solution stores your product rules in a central location that can push & pull from CAD, CRM, ERP, & PDM systems.  Results include improved interdepartmental communication & efficiency between sales, engineering, and manufacturing.

Visit our booth at the CX exhibitor pavilion or sign up for a free webinar demo to learn how we can automate engineering and accelerate sales.

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