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NEW FEATURES: Taking Things to the Third Dimension

Posted by Kirk Fretwell on 1/31/19 1:15 PM

Welcome to the third and final article about our newly-released features. Our previous entries described our enhanced UI that your users will love and improvements to our rules engine that make your administrators happy.  This third entry pops into the third dimension: we’ll talk about the 3D scene, and how it’s even more powerful than before.

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CP(Q&A)s- How Can a CPQ Solution Help Increase Your Sales?

Posted by John Randazzo on 1/18/19 10:26 AM

When working with my clients, they readily understand how the deployment of a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) solution can help them reduce sales errors. After all, we are human, and every one of us have days where we misplace a decimal point or enter in a wrong SKU. Just in writing this little post I have made a few spelling errors (of which I hope I caught all of them before posting). CPQ's ability to help salespeople, order management and the customer with data automation for their entry tasks is easily understood. But one thing that isn't readily apparent is how CPQ can help them win more sales. 

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KBMax Named in Gartner's Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration 2018 Report

Posted by Lauren Habig on 12/20/18 2:05 PM

In the 2018 Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration report that was released yesterday, Gartner explores the types of visual product configurators that are currently available including 2D and 3D visualization, mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality. KBMax was featured throughout the report as a solution that uniquely offers every type of visualization as well as CAD automation. They also provide recommendations for implementing these solutions successfully and the significant benefits that companies have seen by deploying a visual configurator.

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Tuff Shed Rolls Out Our 3D Product Configurator Nationwide

Posted by Lauren Habig on 11/26/18 4:24 PM

Today, Tuff Shed launched our 3D product configurator in their retail locations nationwide. Their customers can now configure a made-to-order shed based on their requirements (the size, the type, the color, etc.) in real-time and receive a quote instantly.

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Improvements To Our Admin Experience Have Arrived!

Posted by Kirk Fretwell on 11/14/18 2:01 PM

Welcome to the second article about our new features that we just released. Last time we detailed the UI enhancements that we rolled out and this installment will focus on the improvements that we made to our back-end rules engine called Snap.

Here are a few of our favorite under-the-hood programming updates that will make your Snap code even more scalable and easier to maintain.

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Key Takeaways from Last Week's Pack Expo

Posted by Paul Martin on 10/23/18 4:09 PM

Last week's PACK EXPO International in Chicago was a revolutionary and transformative event. If you missed it, it was an explosion of forward-looking technology that will impact the way people buy and sell packaging machinery and equipment.

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Just In: New Features Just For You

Posted by Kirk Fretwell on 10/18/18 10:59 AM

In this blog post, we’d like to introduce you to the new UI updates available in KBMax version 3.3.  In future blog posts, we’ll cover the other enhancements: the enhanced Snap programming language and back-end infrastructure, as well as the new features in our 3D scenes.

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Will we see you at Dreamforce?

Posted by Lauren Habig on 8/29/18 1:13 PM

Since Dreamforce 2018 is less than a month away, we wanted to share the top 3 ways to engage with the KBMax team while you're at the show. This year, we'll be in several spots showing manufacturers and retailers how to boost their digital transformation strategy with our 3D and complex configurator that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

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KBMax Voted a Top CPQ Solution in G2 Crowd’s Summer Report

Posted by Lauren Habig on 7/26/18 3:58 PM

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, released their Summer 2018 CPQ Grid Report highlighting the highest rated CPQ software. We were named a High Performer once again and included in the top five for both Enterprise and Mid-Market customers.

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Join Us for our Manufacturing Campfire with Salesforce CPQ!

Posted by Lauren Habig on 6/14/18 2:33 PM

KBMax's integration with Salesforce CPQ enables companies to easily and accurately manage the entire deal close process from configuring your complex products in 3D and generating associated quotes to collecting cash-helping customers grow revenue faster than ever before.

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